About PCG

PCG is a financial services firm, based in San Francisco, that focuses on allocating capital into regenerative natural resource investments. We challenge the assumption that the capital markets should be driven by short term financial thinking. Instead, we collaborate with clients, companies, and other stakeholders to transition to an economy that includes people, planet, and profit.


A more equitable and regenerative allocation of the world’s resources


To be the trusted guide that will evolve alongside investors and enterprises to build a better world


We offer our clients deep expertise, superior guidance, bespoke access, and trusted partnership

Behind the name

The term Provenance refers to the source of something’s origin and underpins our firm’s focus on regenerative finance and agriculture. By intentionally focusing on a regenerative provenance, PCG helps foster investments that originate from a symbiotic relationship with the underlying biological and social systems on which the viability of our planet depends.